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Neuranetix is supported and maintained by Frank Havens and Juli McEachern-Havens. 

Frank has been an Information Technology (IT) professional for over 20 years.  Always a leading software developer, Frank has stayed current on the latest technology.  He has been a developer/systems engineer at Electronic Data Systems (EDS) where he supported the insurance industry on a team called “The Insurance Machine”.  His most recent accomplishments include a successful career as Vice President of Software Development with Resource One, Incorporated (ROI) where he was the lead designer/developer of “Motivator XP™”.  The versatile application provides Sales Tracking, Performance Measurement, and Incentive Compensation.  The application is utilized by some of the largest Banks in the US and Canada, including: US Bank, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, Toronto Dominion, and SunTrust.

"Solving business challenges is the most rewarding aspect of my chosen profession. It is exciting to write applications and see it deliver results that meet and exceed our expectations.  I am always looking for technology that will improve on processes and practices.  If a technology can improve productivity, efficiency, and accuracy then I will include it in my toolkit.  But it is important to never implement technology for technology sake; no matter how tantalzing.  If it doesn't deliver a tangible resolution to a problem, then it is not worth the time and effort to implement."

Juli has a profound love of the medical profession.  She enjoys the many daily interactions with patients, colleagues, and other professionals from whom she learns so much.  She is currently surgical assistant and treatment coordinator in a very successful Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery practice located in the Dallas Texas area.

She began her career as a healthcare professional under the expert guidance of a 5th generation general Dentist where she was fortunate to experience the very best in the art of dentistry. During her tenor there, she accumulated a well rounded knowledge base ranging from laboratory fabrication to advanced chair side dental procedures. She expanded her dental knowledge base when she joined the team of a specialized periodontics practice. 

And, today she draws from all aspects of her experience to actively contribute to the successful practice management where increased quality, safety, and productivity are paramount.  She has a wide range of experiences earning her bachlor degree in Visual Fine Art and Graphic illustration from Auburn University, prospering as an independent business owner, and as a wife and mother.

“Our relationships with people are the reason for success or failure of any business.  In the medical profession, we have:

    • Patients from whom we need to gain respect and trust
    • Colleagues with whom we need to share knowledge and experience
    • Staff from whom we require professionalism, and to whom we need to encourage training and education
    • Vendors from whom we demand quality products, superior support, and economical solutions.

For sure, the success of the Practice is dependent on achieving patient trust and respect.  And importantly, achieving patient trust depends on the quality of our relationships with our colleagues, staff, and vendors.”